Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey Bawlmer

Hi everyone. I used to send out email blasts about my novels under this heading, Hey Bawlmer! That's how we sez Baltimore, here in the Land of Pleasant Living. That phrase right there, came from the little guy with only one eyeball, the character for National Bohemian beer, back in the day, when I was little, cars had no seat belts, there was no Baltimore Beltway for that matter, and everything seemed slow and happy. The fabulous 50's.

We just changed the website around. Hope you like it. SISTERBABY'S MONKEY, as you know, now has 7 great testimonials in the new cover. We're using them to attract the attention of literary agents and perhaps movie producers, to work in a very backwards way toward a publishing deal with a "real" publisher.

I say real, because our little imprint, CHANA BOOKS, was created to get SISTERBABY into print, to showcase the blurbs it took us a year to collect, to capture the local, Baltimore and Maryland imagination with the monkey on the cover, and then use that as a springboard toward "the real deal", so to speak.

So, here we are, I say we purposefully, as my whole family has suffered through over twenty years of me re-writing, marketing and so forth, pitching one big, final time, to New York and to Hollywood.

The new thriller, SKULL COUNTY, USA, has not even seen the light of day yet. All finished, it sits ready to send to agents, perhaps the same ones that take a look at SISTERBABY.

I'll write from time to time as ideas fester and demand attention. Like a bur under the saddle, for those horse folk out there who know what I mean, things sometimes need to be spewed out, and not always in a negative way.

I'm happy as a clam, two clams, these days. Doing what you want to do, feeling like you are not only creating but provoking people to Feel. That is happy.

Thanks guys, See you inside one of my books, or at a bookstore, or in the movies! Say a prayer for us, babe! (that's another Bawlmerism- we just hafta call each other Hon or Babe allatime.)

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