Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mysterious Ways

10/22/09 I just wrote to Denise Whiting the other day. She owns Cafe Hon in Hampden, where SISTERBABY'S MONKEY transpires, and where, in 2008, she sold me the last table for Honfest so I could sell my brand new from the printer books. I talk about it on my website.
I wrote to her to say thanks, and that I had a link to her restaurant's site and the one for Honfest on mine. In the ABOUT section of my site, I talk about an old charity effort that my son and I were involved in with Eunice Shriver and Special Olympics. He participated in it back then.
Today, here comes an email from Lynn, who helps run the Honfest, saying she is tied now with Special Olympics and the PLUNGAPALOOZA 2010. The crazies that risk heart attack by cold water shock are tied to giving to Special Olympics, now, it seems, and one of the teams that do this crazy stuff is called the PLUNGING HONS, at If that is not a name with a double entendre, I don't know what is! You can write to them with ideas, to be a vendor in their heated tent etc, at or call Melissa Tracy at 410-789-6677 x 113.
Anyway, I wrote to her with some ideas, including reading on my site how we did our old promo, us gas station guys, Pepsi, the local radio and tv.
If you are interested, in just watching the crazies jump in the frigid water, or if you want to be crazy with them, check it all out, offer ideas about helping them make the money for the kids. Thanks, Bawlmer!

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